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Saturday September 22, 2001
There is the Islam of peace and compassion: Christians and Jews are recognised as fellow travellers, human life is precious and attacks on innocents are grave sins. And then there is the extremist Islam of jihad (holy war): unbelievers are to be slayed, violent martyrdom wins a special place in paradise, and the whole world should submit to Allah.

The World Of Islam - Where The Religion Dominates

Wednesday September 19, 2001
• Islam is the most recent of the three great monotheistic religions. • It was founded by the Prophet Mohammed early in the seventh century AD in western Arabia and quickly spread. • Mohammed taught there is only one God (Allah) and that he, Mohammed, was only a messenger. The w

Tampa A Respite For Macfarlane

Saturday September 1, 2001
IF ANYONE in Australia has reason to thank some deity for the entry of the Tampa into Australian waters on Wednesday, it is Ian Macfarlane. Given the circumstances, his gratitude should probably go to Allah. The Small Business Minister, at the centre of the scandal over Liberal Party attempts to make improper claims against the GST, had been under parliamentary and media siege since the previous Thursday.

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