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Religion And Violence Are Too Often Hand In Glove

Wednesday December 3, 2008
I must respectfully take issue with the claim of Faiza Khan (Letters, December 2) that Islam is clear in condemning violence. In fact, many suras provide a mandate for violence and even murder. Among many examples are "Kill unbelievers wherever you find them", "Believers . . . shall fight for Allah, they will slay and be slain" and "As for the thief . . . cut off their hands".

Terror Accused's 'threat' To Informer

Friday February 22, 2008
"PRAISES to Allah, I'm gonna clobber him!"

When Ownership Of Land Is Threatened

Saturday August 18, 2007
SOMETIMES the twists and turns of life are so deliciously ironic there's no escaping the idea that there's no such thing as a coincidence. That there really is a higher power - be it God, Buddha, Allah or the Rainbow Serpent - watching over the madness we're creating here on Earth and reminding us how stupid and shallow we are.

Mundine's Fate May Be Unclear For Six Months

Sunday August 12, 2007
ANTHONY Mundine has turned to Allah in preparation for the possibility that his boxing career is finished because of an eye infection.

Mundine's Career In Eye Of The Storm

Sunday August 12, 2007
ANTHONY Mundine has turned to Allah in preparation for the possibility that his boxing career is finished because of an eye infection.

Mundine Prays He Still Has Some Fight In Him

Sunday August 12, 2007
ANTHONY Mundine has turned to Allah in preparation for the distinct possibility that his boxing career is finished because of a serious eye infection.

Allah's Charges In Divine Form

Saturday July 21, 2007
THERE has been an interesting battle going on in the Asian Cup, not just between the teams from the various countries, but far more importantly, between their chosen deities. For just as the Australian team has quite a few players ever keen to invoke their Lord when things go right - with Mark Viduka and Tim Cahill being inveterate chest-crossers and so forth - so too do the Muslim and Buddhist countries competing have many believers in their own ranks.

Pray The Climate Gods Aren't Churlish

Sunday April 29, 2007
LOOK, if the Man of Steel says "pray for rain", then at number 5 we start praying. We addressed our supplications to the all-purpose God of our childhood and then, to be on the safe side, we sent copies to Yahweh, Allah, Baal, the Rainbow Serpent, the Great Spaghetti Monster and the one that looks like an elephant. That should do the trick.

Moderates Say Enough's Enough

Tuesday January 16, 2007
Thank Allah for the unintended consequences of the mufti. The public statements of Sheik Taj el-Din al Hilaly - who has the title of Mufti of Australia - have become so irrational they have focused attention on young Muslims who do not share his extreme positions.

Subtle Protest In Making Fun Out Of Prejudice

Tuesday November 28, 2006
*COMEDY ALLAH MADE ME FUNNY The Capitol Theatre November 24

The Laugh's On Extremists

Friday November 17, 2006
Muslim comics bring Allah's gift of laughter, reports Fiona Scott-Norman.

Kovco Camp Questions Soldiers' Statements

Wednesday July 19, 2006
A SOLDIER at the Australian military base in Iraq said he had heard someone in Jacob Kovco's room call out "Allah akhbar" 10 minutes before Private Kovco was shot, but when interviewed later he had denied it, the military inquiry into the soldier's death was told yesterday.

Jurors See Jihad Film Allegedly Found In Accused's Home

Friday May 5, 2006
THE words appear in flames across the screen. "In the Name of Allah, The Merciful, The Compassionate," according to a translation. Then there are images of devastated towns and exploding tanks against a soundtrack of thunder and lightning.

Gang Rapists' Father On Perjury Charge

Monday April 24, 2006
WHEN the father of four Pakistani gang rapists was asked how he could deny his sons' attacks, he replied: "It is to go before Allah. We all have to stand before God in the end."

God Is Fine, But Internet Users Take The Name Of Allah In Vain

Monday February 27, 2006
YAHOO! has changed its rules on the words it allows in email addresses after a man discovered he could not register an account because his surname contained the word Allah.

Mothers Face Life Over Jihad

Wednesday November 16, 2005
MOTHERS convicted of inciting their children to kill in the name of Allah may face life imprisonment, according to a terror law expert.

God Save Us From Those Claiming To Do 'god's Will'

Monday October 31, 2005
SO IAN Harper, head of the Government's proposed Fair Pay Commission, will do "God's will" in his decisions regarding the pay for low-paid workers (The Sunday Age, 30/10). Well, now we really can be frightened: George Bush listens to God and invades Iraq, killing thousands of innocent people; the President if Iran listens to Allah and wants to wipe Israel off the map; the missionaries listened to God and stole Aboriginal children from their parents to make good Christians out of them. Throughout ...

Amid Desolation, Mosque Seen As Sign From Allah

Tuesday February 1, 2005
A GRAND white mosque is all that stands in Lampuuk, its walls washed away but the main pillars intact. Against the military's wishes, the town's survivors have gathered around it, determined to reclaim their faith, lives and land.

Warning To Christians On A Mission To Save Souls

Sunday January 23, 2005
FOR the devout Muslims of Aceh the disaster that has befallen them is a warning from Allah. For some Christians it is a God-given opportunity to convert the heathen.

French Indifference Is Better Than British Charm

Sunday June 13, 2004
Last week, The Sunday Times of London reported it had received a leaked government document detailing a strategy for splitting moderate Muslims from the more radical and dangerous devotees of Allah. Reuters' website headlined the story, "Charm offensive against Muslim extremists".

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